Sunday, January 13, 2019

First Finish 2019!

Hi there,

Behold my first finish of the year!  I hope I can accomplish as much finishing as I did last year while keeping up with my reading.  I have an exhausting list of projects to complete and books to read.  I am not an Audible person (even though I have an account).  I just can't seem to concentrate on needlepoint and being read to at the same time.  

Plus, we are preparing to move which means assessing your STUFF which is very illuminating.  Try putting all your stitching in one room and taking a good look. It's almost scary.  I already have a bag of canvases that are moving on.  Marie Kondo, the Japanese girl who is the de-clutter queen says "ask yourself if it gives you joy" when looking at your possessions and while all my canvases are very pretty, not all of them give me "joy".  Besides that,  I would have to live to 110 to finish them all!   

So here's to new beginnings!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday Has Been Cancelled

 Hi there,

Once again I am starting off the year with a cold!  So Tuesday has been cancelled and I will stay home and rest. I had great plans last night to stitch away on my Valentine House while watching The Clemson-Alabama game but I only made it to half time before I collapsed.  Around 2 am when I finally woke up I checked the score and I guess it was pretty sad after the third quarter.

I did manage to finish the sky and so today will try and do the rest of the beading and put some accentuate in the windows.  Then I will make a plan for tomorrow which will probably involve something green!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Late Arrival

Happy New Year!

This was my last finishing arrival of 2018 but it sure is pretty.  

This is one of the Amy Christmas singles club canvases and while I love the look of Jessicas I do NOT like reading the diagrams!

I've got a few more strawberries to finish up and half a Valentine House to do next!  Then I need to really look at my huge projects and pick one to finish in 2019.  That seemed to work for me last year. I'm leaning towards Row of Ladies - I just love that piece!  And of course the gingerbread house Oh My!

See you soon

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Heading to the Finish!

Hi all,

I have one last week in between kid visits to finish up my 2018 stitching and pack it away for the year.  My Art Basel baby has gone back to LA and will be back next Wednesday and her baby sister a few days later.  I only get to see them a few times a year so everything will be on hold until
January 1st.

I am so proud of myself for finishing up a series.  These have been great little projects.  My stitching buddies helped me with the cording so this should get done this week.

Not to worry I have already made my 2019 stitching "to do" list!

Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

Monday, November 26, 2018

Strawberry Arrival

Here they are!

I have 2 more finished and pinned up on my bulletin board to be sent after Christmas.

And here is Rebekkha - I finished her cape and now am moving on to her hair, the lace trim on her apron and then the left column.  Then who knows...maybe the other eggplant!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

There's A Video For That!

Hi there,  

I'm still having some trouble remembering what day it is.  Should be Saturday by now. 

I'm still working on Elegant Thanksgiving and today I decided to try picot needleweaving which is how the eggplant leaves are done on the garland.  Good thing I still have an OLD laptop with a disk drive because I needed it.  I spent an hour this morning watching Amy and Kelly do needleweaving so was ready to try it on my own.  Two hours and two attempts later I had 3 leaves.  Oh this will definitely not be finished in 2018!

Here's my practice canvas- kind of messy but I'm getting the idea!

Here's how it looks now after putting it in and taking it out and putting it in again.  Not too shabby!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hi there,

In the midst of a free fall in the stock market I am feeling good about working my stash.  I have just finished Eleven Pipers Piping!  That means one more to go!

Here they are all laid out on the bed.  Awesome!  The 5 golden rings canvas is still on stretcher bars because of the turkey work.

Then,  since it IS Thanksgiving week I thought I might pull out Elegant Thanksgiving.  This is as far as I got - I think I may try and give Rebecca some hair this year and I have to take out the hands because they are supposed to be on top of the basket.  Would love to work on the basket...Lets see how it goes...

 Here's the big picture- don't count on this getting done in 2018 (hopefully 2019).  This is a super time consuming project.  If I can stay away from an Amy Home Study maybe I can work on this.  Who am I kidding - I have 3 of those to finish.  Let's just try not to start a new one!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving