Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Emily

Wow, now that's a pretty face!  Five years old today and still a handful!

I've been on vacation this month to see...

Yes folks this is a BIG Antarctic glacier

Gentoo Penguins and Chicks at Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Adelie Penguins

Glacier in Wilhelmina Bay

Gentoo Penguin and Chick
Naturally I took 4 projects with me to work on...which came home in almost the same unfinished condition!  So I am trying to finish them up before embarking on  something new.

I finished up the present last night so the bow is next.  Then the gold swirls and green beads.  This is number 3 of the Christmas Singles Club.  These are awesome little projects. AND I will be done with one Christmas ornament for 2017!

Back in the land of palm trees!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Finishing Bonanza from Ruth

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Here are my autumn critters finished easel back and my Santa made into a Christmas card box for my husband the "Christmas card" person in the house!

Still needs a slight trim :-)

 Ready for business!

He  just ran off to get the first card (ours) to put in it!

Happy Turkey Day,


Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Little Amy Done

Hi there,

Wow haven't been here in a while, but lots going on.  We are going to Antarctica so I felt the need to knit my husband a scarf ( we are from Florida :-/) and then there's the usual planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are doing "Christmas light" this year - meaning no tree- so maybe I'll put out my Snow Village.   In the hopes that someone will go "please Mom can that be mine?"

I have finished my 2nd Christmas Club piece from Amy - love these!  That's wirelace on the candle flame -  learned that trick from the Pumpkin Parade.  And sigh, that piece is still in progress as I sign up for yet another class.  But that's next year.  Just have to live long enough. And remember SOME things do get finished.

wirelace on the flame
I wish all my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some finishing before too long.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Old meets New

Hi there,

Our chapter is gathering old canvases for a stash sale and I came across this one which I decided not to give away, but to basketweave in hand.  My problem was...what thread???  It's 12 count which might have been popular back in the 80s when I bought it.  I want to keep it in basketweave so it will be used and loved by kids.  If not my own kids,  I plan to give it to a Ronald McDonald House.

I was in Chapel Hill and drove over to Raleigh to check out and look what they suggested- absolutely perfect.  It's wool, but you would never know it to work with it.  So smooth and great coverage.  This piece is faded but the Planet Earth Wool is bringing it back to life.

Wonder what ever happened to Deux Amis?  I  had quite a few of their canvases in my stash.

So happy :-)


Monday, September 5, 2016

Autumn Squirrel

Here's my Labor Day weekend progress.  The Pumpkin Parade isn't mobile so the squirrel went with us for a few days.  I'd say he's about half way done.  Once I finish I can go back to the Parade - right now glued to tennis :-) Hard to stitch when I'm watching my iPad instead of my canvas.

Love the tail.  It's one strand of Burmilana and then one strand of Wisper on top.  Not together in the needle - 2 layers.  Easy and perfect.  Plus,  I love how the split stitch down the nose works.

See you later in the week :-)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Serena works and I work

I absolutely cannot stand to watch or listen to one more word of politics.  And I only watch the weather once a day!  So I have barricaded myself in my room and am watching the US Open on my iPad.

Here is the beginning of the pumpkin basket.  See how nice and straight the spokes are?

Here they are after weaving - a little droopy because even though I TRIED not to pull down on the weaving thread it's hard.  Because as you slide the weaving threads together it just wants to do that.  She's just  got to be careful not to drop the pumpkins out of the basket! BECAUSE I AM NOT MAKING HER ANOTHER BASKET!

And here are the wirelace leaves.  They were a lot easier than the bats.  Two more stems to go.  None of mine look alike :-/  Bullions are not my thing.  I think Serena beat her opponent in the same time it took me to do 3.

Here's hoping my friends are having fun at Seminar!