Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cyber Tuesday

Hi there,

I've been home all day with the painter.  I sort of felt like Murphy Brown when I ate lunch and he was painting in the kitchen.

I always complain that I never get to stay home and do what I want alone WITHOUT Emily (who is at camp today being Tuesday), so why does it feel so weird?  So I have cybershopped, cleaned out closets and done some needlepoint.  What I really want to do is GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!  What I really NEED TO DO is FINISH EVAN'S SCARF!! or DO MY CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

What I DID was prioritize my stash for next year's finishing - yes I did that 2 days before Thanksgiving- go figure.  I even changed the picture on my blog.  Hopefully that will motivate me to finish the Gingerbread "Palace"- sure didn't help with Amy's creche :-(

Here are the 2 sections I finished today and they are small but they count! Yes that dark brown eave is considered a section.

Have a wonderful lead up to Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Section Down....

and 97 more to go!!

Here's a look at the Gingerbread Palace...canvas by Shelley Tribby and stitch guide by Susan Portra.  And yes it does have 98 sections to stitch!  Here's just ONE of the roof sections.  There's a ton of french knots and beads so that will need to be divided up so it doesn't get overwhelming.

And here's the last ornament in to the barn...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  I am starting today on my game plan!  It involves polishing!!

And then there's the sprint for the Christmas finish line :-)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Finish And A Return

Here's the FINISH!


And Here's the RETURN!

Have a safe and wonderful Veteran's Day!