Friday, July 25, 2014

Chinese Kite Flyers

Hi there,

Here's the inspiration for the kite flying girls...see the butterfly kites in the lower right corner?

And here are my girls....

With their kites...The kites are outlined in Tinore thread which is wire wrapped in gold.  And the strings are in the same thread.  It's nice because its so thin and pliable but I'm not sure it's available anymore.

And the little girls in the middle

 And now I go back to the Valentine Basket to rest my eyes for a while.  You will be seeing lots of pink!

Have a great weekend,


Friday, July 18, 2014

Flower Power

Hi there,

Just a short post to update the little kite flying girls - working on their hair bows

Practicing the french knot rose

The real thing

side view

I tried leaving the beads loose but they stuck out and so I tacked them down...safer in the long run anyway.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Next Up

Hi everyone,

Here's the next canvas that has risen to the surface of the big pile :-)

Now this one is REALLY vintage.  As you can see it's a study in tent stitch...not even basketweave.  And the tent stitch isn't even executed correctly.  It's tent and half cross - well, I had a steep learning curve.  But my taste was excellent - it's Melissa Shirley.   I remember being so proud of picking out the balloon stitch for the clouds.  Now I'm trying to finish it but there's not too much I can do but keep tent stitching :-)  Amy Bunger gave me the idea to outline the kites and add some beads.  And she fixed the grass.... I'm going to put some silk roses in their hair and call it a day.  Well it will be a very sturdy pillow!

Here are the clouds

And I'm not the only one who gets mail here, although Emily's mail doesn't come in bright purple packages.

Have a great day,


Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup Finish!

Same vintage as the firecracker - maybe even older...has 2005 written on the canvas

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Finishing Touch

Hi everyone,

It's a big grand ole flag type of day here....the "David" firecracker is finished and moving off the UFO list!  Last night I tried to replicate a hair salon in my stitching room as I combed fray check through the tassels.  You know how you hate that Fyre Werks frays so much?  Here's when you actually WANT it to!!

They look a lot less frizzy this morning.  I'm wondering if that would work on my hair in the summer here?

Here's the big picture

and a close up of the bunting

This piece was a challenge to finish once I got past the stars, because the stripes seemed to go on forever!  Not to worry...I still have more 4th of July...the Melissa Shirley kids!

But back to finishing up Christmas ornaments for me.

Have a great week,


Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Wrap Up

Hi there,

I was away this weekend so I thought I would post a photo of my 4th of July needlepoint display before I take it down.  My husband asked me if I had needlepoint "worker bees" for Labor Day...I'll have to come up with something now that he's into it.

Here's my dining room (my grandmother would have had her silver tea service right here).  I've only got 4 of my firecrackers back.... but next year !!! they will all be shooting off.  Those are my Kathy Schenkel Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty flanking USA.

Here's the last one ready for gathered ribbon over the felt and of course stars on top.

And I only took ONE project when I went out of town this weekend....ALMOST friends will be so proud.  I'm about to run out of the red floss but I found another in my stash!  Need to work it in though.  It calls for 5 strands so I am going to use 2 new and 3 old so it blends in.  I just need to finish the stripes and add the tassels between the bunting and 7 years later it's done!

Have a great week!