Saturday, August 30, 2014

True Confessions

Hi there,

I have a lot of unfinished projects...most of them very complex and requiring tons of room to spread everything out.  (That's why they're unfinished)  While I love the challenge, sometimes it's nice to do something simple.  That was the appeal of the basketweave needlepoint tote I did a few years ago.  I just held it in my hands and stitched.  Loved it.

My older daughter pointed out to me the obvious...Mom, you really need to finish this stuff in my closet!  Maybe I shouldn't have put it all in there :-(.  What I really need is something simple to take a break with and I think I've found it...knitting.  OK there I've said it.

I took my first lesson this week and it's been a long time since I tried something new.  Holding those knitting needles was tough!  But the feel of the wool and the simplicity of only 2 stitches is perfect.

Doesn't look like much but my first try at needlepoint didn't either.  That's the purl side...looks like a turtleneck

Here's my first ball of merino wool.  This is it...2 needles and some wool.  

My friends will be horrified about my confession so here's my messy beading on my bunny (oops! Inga's not MY bunny)

and here's her progress...I'm working on that flower on the right so I can shape her ear better- looks a little big to me

And here's the Madelinetosh wool I'm taking to Chicago for approval for a scarf - feels like silk, but it's 100% wool.

At least I'm still using needles!!

Happy Labor Day,


Monday, August 18, 2014

Snaggletooth Beats Bunny in Competition

Hi there,

Last Thursday we had our annual UFO Throwdown where the ANG chapter members choose the project THEY want to see finished in the coming year.  I brought in two projects for them to choose from - my husband's alligator and my 2007 (!) Spring Bunny.  The alligator won the competition.  I felt so badly for the bunny I worked on it all weekend!

Here's the gator...well I thought it was the photo, but it's just another swimming creature...

Let's try again

Here he is with his teeth properly placed

Here's the bunny progress from this past weekend- everybody's getting into the felting act (apparently Chandail was into it in 2007) and it's no wonder...that back leg took about an hour!

and  here's the first creature dry and waiting for a ride

Have a great week!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bunny Love

Let's meet she is with her pillow (she's my grandbunny)

Inga lives in LA- can you tell?  Those are her Mom's sunglasses

And here's the canvas I got yesterday for Inga and her Mom from Creative Stitches in Dallas

Now who does that look like - I'm going to make her all black and white of course.  I'm using Bella Lusso wool - one long strand doubled in the needle for her fur.  Check out the magnet - Accoutrements Designs original.

And here's my bunny that my friends are dying for me to finish.  That ball of fluff on his leg is needle felting- may work on that today :-).  This is on my Unfinished List - one of 4.  It's from 2007 - not so old around here...

Have a wonderful weekend stitching with friends!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

From Santa's Workshop

No peeking, Evan!

Next week I swing into spring!  Just like the department stores you gotta stay 6 months ahead!

Have a happy Friday,


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Tame a Basket

Hi everyone,

I'm back to the Valentines Basket.  As you all know, Melissa Shirley's canvases could just be hung on the wall to admire since they are so perfectly painted.  But....we need to enhance with silk, ribbons and beads!  The best way I've found to TAME the beauty is to break it down into parts and keep STARING at it until you figure out the tough ones.

This basket has about 12 parts from the basket to the fruit to the seven kinds of flowers.  I want to try everything on my list before I see Susan Portra in the fall for the balance of the project.

While I was finishing the fruit, I was looking at and thinking about the Gerbera Daisy on top....just what IS that pink thing sticking up on the right side? - I think I'll take that out and fill out the flower

And Bleeding Hearts?  Susan Portra recognized them immediately- I had to look them up on the internet

Here are mine- now that I see them I think I'll pop a few beads on the left one so it looks more like a heart

And my gold  hearts finally (thank you Lisa) surrounded by twisted cord- those are necklaces- if you stare long enough you see the chain - I'm thinking, thinking about what to do there :-)

Eventually it will all come together!

Have a great day!!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Yummy Raspberries

Hi there,

Yummy Raspberries from my basket

Have a great weekend