Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Track (Sort of)

Hi everyone,

I am almost done with my Halloween stitching...good thing since Halloween is Thursday!  I must say that having the World Series on almost every night helps.  I had no idea the Boston Red Socks actually have RED SOCKS on their jerseys!

Here is my candy

These really come to life with the beads

And the glow in the dark witch from her cone...great boucle hair.

And I finished the first firecracker

I tried working on my UFO which is due in June but SOMEBODY managed to eat the thread so I had to put that on hold.  Here's what the thread looked like after I reached down her throat to retrieve it :(  My husband still doesn't believe that I do that.  I pull all kinds of stuff out of her mouth... some animate and some inanimate and we will leave it at that.

Off to Naples on Friday for a class with Susan Portra!  Taking rock star Lisa from Accoutrement Designs so hopefully we will get a good seat.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Holiday Jumble

Hi everyone,

I've been working on my Halloween works in progress and along the way received some Christmas finishing back!  I also got a start on the little firecrackers from Ruth.  They look much better in person.  So October has been a jumble of starting and finishing.

Here's the gingerbread lady

and here is the first little firecracker almost done but the beading on the top

Here are the Halloween pieces

I have 2 matching cones...one finished

the second one has the same bottom half but different top panels.  The witch is going to get orange Boucle hair!

and another Halloween candy almost done.  I plan to do the last 2 next year.

Have a great weekend!