Monday, February 7, 2011

UFO Update

Today was my first day back to helicopter lessons and fortunately I haven't forgotten everything - but since I am the "emergency pinch hitter" flyer in my family I guess my husband should be happy about that!

Our ANG Chapter has come up with a way to encourage everyone to finish projects.  It's the "UFO program" and towards the end of the program it does feel somewhat like the famous 12 steps.  The chapter chooses what you will finish (you do have a choice at the beginning as to what you bring in to choose from) and then the members badger (sorry... encourage) you to finish it in the time frame allotted.  This year we only have 9 months since we got a late start.  If you DON'T finish (and there is tremendous peer pressure to do so) you owe $10 to the chapter.  This may be the first year I finish and don't have to pay the $10 - I have 2 more gingerbread houses to do- and I am torn because I don't want to exceed expectations and deprive the chapter of its major fundraiser.  See, I told you it was like 12 step!

This gingerbread house is my UFO which now only needs the windows as a finishing touch.  The windows look like they might be easy but they are stitched in Prisms which is a PAIN to work with.  This canvas is on 18 count so you need 4 strands of Prisms.  Prisms is a very thin iridescent thread that is difficult to work with but worth the effort.  I took 2 long strands and doubled it in the needle to make 4 strands.  You need a frame to hold the canvas so you can use both hands to stitch with.  The candy canes  above the door are spiders done with flair and then wrapped with more flair in different colors.  SO EASY!

Even though I haven't been blogging I have been stitching so I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Needles up,