Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bunnies and Candy

I have my bunny back and he is overseeing the Easter parade display in my dining room.

Here are eggs from when I couldn't get enough of smocking...

 Starting the display...what's missing?

Closeup of Mr. Bunny.   I know he's PINK but I have referred to this canvas as "Mr. Bunny" for so long that I can't change now.

and his gusset

Now you're talking!  Chocolate was missing!

 Hope there will be some left on Easter!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feeling Better About Things

Hi there,

I have started the long slog re-doing the Walnettos and rewarded myself with the little apple

 Of course I was watching tv when I started laying down the Kreinik and whoops! laid it right over the letters.  Then I forgot about compensating a cross stitch when you only have 3 sides so whoops! that had to come out too.  Guess I need a quiet room to stitch.

Right now I'm in here with the painter who is painting the ceiling over me - yet more distractions!  But I'm expecting my Spring Bunny from Ruth and boy he's having a hard time getting here. Just HAD to check the tracking.  First he was held up by snow up north and we woke up this morning to a fire in the main UPS warehouse in Hialeah where he's headed.  Poor guy - it's just one little 3 pound package! Of course I am relieved that no one was injured AND that my bunny is still somewhere just south of Baltimore.

Going to do a few more Walnettos now :-)


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Walnetto Madness

Hi there,

Working the long way around my 4th of July Banner and what do you know???  I did the Walnetto stitch wrong.  The stitch I did is a nice woven stitch but definitely NOT a Walnetto.  So out they will come although not all at once as I need to console myself with an apple.  Plus I need more thread!

Yes, we were warned to follow the diagram closely and yes that's what I thought I was doing but with Walnetto it's more than just numbers on a diagram..it's the WAY YOU GET THERE.

The one in the corner is wrong and the ones on the right are correct.  Yuk!

At least they are super easy to take out!

Going to keep trying not to mess up...