Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gandalf or Voldemort?

Good morning everyone,

This is  a photo of my last finished canvas which is now in the very capable hands of Ruth to be finished as a companion to Wolfman.  I went through the wizards names and the most popular are Gandalf and Voldemort.  Since he looks so friendly I've decided he must be the friend of Middle Earth, Gandalf, not the evil Voldemort from Harry Potter.

He was started LONG ago while we were on a trip to Syria.  I did get a few funny looks from the tour guide since it was a little hard to explain Halloween to the Syrians.  But he is finally finished!

I've been working diligently on Rebekka and thought about starting to keep a list of my hours but that was a little daunting.  I probably have about 50 hours invested on that one project, but it keeps getting better with every section completed.  This week I will take some photos of my finished sections.

Have a great week,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dressmaking 101

Hi everyone,

Before I start with my post let me express my condolences to Kelly Clark on the loss of her father.  My father died in 1996 and he was the most influential person in my life.  He taught me all the important lessons about love and family.  Kelly's Dad will surely be missed by her family.

When I got the email from Colleen about an extra lesson being added for Scout, I thought...WOW I haven't even finished Rebekkah!  I went on to think...I'll just get her dress done and then finish up so I can move on to Scout.  HAH!!  I have worked the past three nights on the first part of the dress.  It's a composite stitch which immediately brings to mind David and Amy.  The important thing is to "understand" the different parts of the stitch and find the easiest way to start.  I have to admit I did it in a different order than the stitch guide, but that is just because I SAW it that way and Kelly saw it another way.  The end result is the same.  So if you are stumped (pun intended) maybe this will help.

Here is my order of stitching the dress.

1.  First, I stitched the over two diagonal stitches and then put in the mosaics.  I just started doing it without trying to figure out the end result.

2.  Then I put in the line of stitching that goes in between- easy

3.  Then I put in the long diagonals on top and the cross stitch tie down- the diagonals lay right over the long lines of stitching above - no need to worry about being off on the diagonal

4.  Last step... I put in the tent stitches that go in each diagonal block.

Done with that part.  Then I rewarded myself by putting in the necklace and the choker!

I have also decided to finish the garland last because I keep turning the canvas over and over when beginning and ending threads and I don't want to damage the garland.  So that has now become the last part of the canvas for me.

This weekend it is supposed to rain...we need it and I need time to stitch.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cat Walk Sneak Peek #2

Cat Walk 

Hi everyone,

A short post to show my progress from yesterday on Cat Walk.  Finished the cat and her leash.  I tried several weights of kreinik for the leash.   This is size 12.  One thing for sure is that I have learned how to make cording!

Her fur is long and short Fuzzy Stuff....SO forgiving.

Tomorrow I will try and finish the beading - 2 more pumpkins! and think about witch hair.  After this is done I am back to Elegant Thanksgiving...

Happy stitching,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FINISHED Halloween in my Mailbox

Hi everyone,

You know how the stores and shopping malls are always one (or two) seasons ahead?  Like Back to School in June...Christmas before Halloween?   Well, I just got  three of my Halloween candies back from Bedecked and Beadazzled.  Getting set for the Halloween contest in the fall!!!

Candy Corn

Bat Candy

All 3 candies on the silver candy dish

I'll bet my husband's grandmother never thought her candy dish would look like this!

And a "sneak peek" at my newest UFO...also Halloween...and also three quarters done!

Cat Walk

Just like Macy's, I have moved on to Halloween without putting away Easter!

Happy stitching,


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moving Day

Santa Parade
Hi everyone,

In golf, Saturday is "Moving Day" meaning that is the day if you are going to make your move up the leaderboard you had better get it done.  Phil Mickelson sure did that today at Augusta.  Love how he came back from that disastrous hole yesterday!

In my world, moving day means finishing my UFO and moving it from unfinished project to FINISHED!  I have loved working on this piece even though it took all day yesterday and today to lock down those snowflakes and the gold beads on the bottom border.  The gold beads on the border just don't want to sit up straight on top of the red velvet.

Here are some more photos....

Snowman and his Christmas tree

Santa and his bear

Squirrel with the bushiest tail!

I ended up doing the pompom and the squirrel's tail YET AGAIN with the technique that Susan Portra taught us in Naples.  Three times a charm!

Happy Easter,