Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Halloween Candy Crush

Hi there,

I have all my Halloween finishing back and my office looks definitely like I have NOT been working!  One of the good things about having so many projects going at once is that you are more than likely to finish a lot at one time.  Or if you're like me store it up and send out a lot at one time.

So here's a candy crush sample of my Halloween projects.  I have finished 2 out of 3 apples

Here they are together

And here is a look at the back- LOVE the fabric on the back!

And my other cone - now I have a pair of Eye Candy cones!

Finally,  last night during the Miami Heat game I was able to sit down and finish my 4 calling birds, but the french knots on the wreath are a TAD BIT TIGHT...wonder why?  There really is such a thing as tension in your stitching!

Next time the rest of the Halloween stitching.... my cat pillow and 2 more candies!

Plus the firecrackers are BAACK!

Enjoy your long weekend,


Monday, May 19, 2014

Playoff Stitching

Hi there,

There are all kinds of stitching projects - some require a lot of concentration and some not so much.  The background of Why Fit In almost requires a "cone of silence" in order to get the falling leaves to line up correctly.  I can barely listen to music with all the counting going on in my head!

Then...there's Miami Heat playoff stitching.  First off,  I have a hard time actually sitting down while I'm watching the game so there's no point in having a project where you have to consult a stitch guide.

So here's my playoff choice...4 calling birds from the Rebecca Woods mini 12 Days of Christmas.  I can do Nobuko standing up and with one eye on the tv!

Good thing they have the day off to rest and regroup!

Have a great week,


Friday, May 9, 2014

Stay Low, Break the Chocolate, Kill the Corners

Hi there,

No, that is not advice for new NFL draftees!  That's my advice for Candy Crush newbies!  Now that I have a respectable 63 levels under my belt I feel I can give at least that much advice.  You think there are a lot of needlepoint blogs?  Just wade into Candy Crush!!!

Here's my photos for the weekend...yet one more firecracker.  I love the effect of 2 beads over one canvas thread.  They really look like they are exploding.

And here's a face all mothers can love...but she needs a name!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day,