Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Christmas Finishes!

Don't ask me why I didn't finish this last year!   JUST DON'T GO THERE!!  Loving this new phone camera - just noticed I need to do some more teal on the bottom left :-)

Moving on to the final firecracker (yeah)


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Off to the Finisher

ACOD Gingerbread Village Series

Another one done!  This is number 5 of the series - there's a house next...and I love doing the houses.

Daddy caught me working on this and said..."where's my alligator?"  so that came out of the closet :-)

It's an easy one to work on in front of the tv - same stitch, just change the colors

Have a great weekend,


Monday, June 9, 2014

Christmas Break

Hi everyone,

I'm on Christmas Break here.  Having been slightly burned last year by finishing deadlines, I decided to work on my Christmas projects in JUNE so I can get them OUT A HERE! and on to the finishers.

Check out what arrived today from Marlene...we had a long discussion about the finishing of my train and I agreed with her to go the "understated elegance" route without all the fancy bows on top.  The cars are done in a box format with red silk and the edge is trimmed in ribbon made to look like a train track.

I think she was totally right that the stitching on these particular train pieces is the main attraction and all the excess that I usually love would take away from the piece.  So the key here is to "know thy finisher"!  And don't be afraid to ask before you give the go ahead!

This month's Christmas piece ...before beading .... is the ice cream cart that goes with my Mom's gingerbread village.  Sorry about the dangling Burmilana :-)   Don't you love the wheels?  They're wrapped spiders done in Frosty Rays.

See you next time....GO HEAT!!!!