Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Fresh Start

I think January is my favorite month of the year.  All the stress of the holidays is done and we have  beautiful weather to enjoy all our outdoor activities.  I have been sitting outside and stitching and planning bike rides, boating, and helicopter trips to the Keys.   I have a new list of needlepoint projects to finish and only 3 resolutions posted on my refrigerator.  I left out the usual ones - exercise and losing weight - why get depressed right off the bat?

My resolutions are simple and direct:
1. Read the newspaper every day.  We get three of them so I should be able to read one.  Now that the Dolphins have humiliated themselves on national tv I can skip the sports sections for a while.
2.  Learn to fly the helicopter.
3.  Learn to make soup.

Now, I posted those early on Jan 1 while everyone was sleeping so when my husband came in to the kitchen that morning he decided to do a more impressive list to out do me -so lets see if he can exercise more, lose weight, be a better person and go to church more often.  Might as well add achieving world peace to the list.

Today I finished the first of our three car train class which my DEAR friend Mary talked me into, notwithstanding the fact that I already have a tree car train series that Robin King did a stitch guide for (that I have barely started).  I am posting a photo so Mary will get with the program and catch up.  Of course, she did have to go to Bali on a diving trip so I guess she had an excuse.

When I finish the last two cars I am going to work on my Seasonal Bunny from Chandail Needlepoint in Houston so maybe I will have it for Easter.  Funny thing, it was the very same Mary who needed the burgundy ribbon (see photo - she did return it) from that project so that she could finish her Key West House.  Resulting in the 2 year delay in finishing the bunny.  There's a story behind every unfinished project on the list!

Don't you love your friends?  I sure do.