Monday, October 22, 2012

Jump Right In

Hi everyone,

I have been stitching and ripping but not blogging.  Since finishing the Mod Heart I have started Broom Parking and like the excited needlepointer that I am, I jumped right on in to the new project!  Well, the first lesson I learned with this new project is one that I should have known all along.

Step back and do a little thinking before jumping in.  The background stitch is in units of 15 so why not count the UNITS that will fit on the canvas.  Guess who didn't do that?..I got to the bottom of the area and there were only 6 threads, not 15. And so I ripped.

Good thing it was long stitches.  Now after learning that (the hard way) do you think I counted across??? to see if it would fit?  Absolutely not.  But I can tell you that it does fit since I just made it to the other side.

Now I got to the other side and it is necessary to COMPENSATE around a broom.  After and hour of trying that I decided to sacrifice a thread and just stitch over the broom.  When I get to more purple I will know exactly where I am in the stitch and then I can take out the thread that is over the broom.  DUH!

Now for my husband's words of wisdom as he watched me rip out the purple.  "You didn't almost die because of it... it's just thread and a little time."    Which leads me to why I haven't been see he had to make an emergency landing in the chopper and I am lucky to have him.  Here is his baby without rotor blades being carried away to the shop where it still is today.

Keep stitching,