Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Dream Lives On

Waiting for sunshine

Hi everyone,

The Dream Lives On!  That is a direct quote from Ted Kennedy referring to Obama in case it sounds familiar.  But it is now being used in Miami for the 3 Kings (stolen from the Bible) and their big big win on Thursday night.

In case you haven't heard or have been on Mars, The MIAMI HEAT have won the NBA Championship!!!  Now we can go to bed at a normal hour!  You would think that with all those basketball games I would have done a lot of stitching, but there was NO taking your eyes off the tv screen for weeks....Now we have a possible tropical system out in the gulf (code word for more rain) and are people worried about a hurricane?  No, they are worried about the PARADE on Monday for the Heat!

Emily is sleeping in the kitchen with her teddy bear.  She dreams about sunshine and Texas. And the Heat games ending!!  Ever since she moved to Florida it has been raining with patches of sunshine.  Ok maybe patches of no rain lately...

Have you ever worried more about what needlepoint to take on a trip than the clothes you were going to take?  You know you have!  I am trying to boost my Valentine needlepoint so here is my choice...

Kelly Clark February Angel

She will go with the Valentine basket that we made years ago and my heart that I just got back from finishing

Needlepoint Now Heart

And one last photo of my baby ...waiting to board...almost grown out of that carryon bag!

Emily ready to go

Happy Stitching,



  1. Emily is so cute! I can't wait for her to come to Spread Eagle and play with Buoy!!

  2. Emily is so cute! I can't wait for her to come to Spread Eagle and play with Buoy!!

  3. I enjoy following your blog and love seeing Emily in your posts!! I just have to echo your comment about caring more about what needlepoint you take than clothes! Happens to me all the time and I am glad to know someone else does the same thing!