Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little People Count

Hi everyone,

Tonight's the night!  It's all over but the counting!!   Tomorrow back to drug ads and perfume ads for Christmas.

Here is how we voted in Florida..  yes that was an hour long line (which was short)

With all the hoopla I have been working on the "little projects".   I probably have 20 to 1 little to big projects in my stash so here they are from crackers to angels

First the crackers.......

Ooh a finished one.....

And almost done with the third day of Christmas - need someone to help with the cording....

And here is my October angel - super cute...check out the beaded pumpkins...and, there is a different border on each one....

Enjoy the results tonight !  Remember we are all AMERICANS!!

See you on the other side of the election,


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