Friday, March 8, 2013

The Dog Ate My Homework

What's left of my stitch guide


I was just sitting outside stitching and minding my own business when a GUST of wind blew my stitch guide off the table and before I could yell "Emily!" she had grabbed it and run off, all the while trying to EAT it!  (Wow that's a run on sentence)  So when some child in your family comes up with the excuse "the dog ate my homework" it might just be true!!

But she did give me my next blog post idea :)

Here is the next ANG ornament that we are working on at our chapter meeting...

It's pattern couching (that's the section in the middle).  You lay down one thread - here the gold kreinik and couch down a pattern with the other thread - here the red floss.  I have named this my Pope ornament since it's red and white and gold.

My other example of pattern couching is on my Panda Santa canvas which is a big WIP.  The pattern couching is on the coat - it looks like brocade when you're done.

And here's a little WIP that's almost done- love the background.

Have a happy weekend,



  1. I have had the same thing happen to my Thanksgiving House (amy bunger stitch guide) and luckily, I was able to piece it back together and tape it. Love your Panda Santa

  2. Yes, fortunately she didn't eat the graph :)