Thursday, December 12, 2013

On to Joseph

It's about time...Mary and Jesus have been waiting.  Why does Amy have to DATE her stitch guides?

2008 to do the math.

Still plugging away,



  1. Hi, Just joined you blog to follow. What caught my eye was the helicopter. My husband is a helicopter pilot. Is that a Robinson in the picture? It is dark so not sure. We had a Brantly B2B. I never learned to fly but loved to ride with the hubby. We would take off and drop in someplace rural and have breakfast. Had him deliver some Avon to some customers who had land enough to land a helicopter. Was lots of fun!! No longer have helicopter but responsible for a friends being hooked on helicopters. Now he owns one. Fly on brave girl!!

    1. Yes that's an R44. If we can fly somewhere that's the way we go! Hard to needlepoint in it though!!