Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cyber Tuesday

Hi there,

I've been home all day with the painter.  I sort of felt like Murphy Brown when I ate lunch and he was painting in the kitchen.

I always complain that I never get to stay home and do what I want alone WITHOUT Emily (who is at camp today being Tuesday), so why does it feel so weird?  So I have cybershopped, cleaned out closets and done some needlepoint.  What I really want to do is GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!  What I really NEED TO DO is FINISH EVAN'S SCARF!! or DO MY CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

What I DID was prioritize my stash for next year's finishing - yes I did that 2 days before Thanksgiving- go figure.  I even changed the picture on my blog.  Hopefully that will motivate me to finish the Gingerbread "Palace"- sure didn't help with Amy's creche :-(

Here are the 2 sections I finished today and they are small but they count! Yes that dark brown eave is considered a section.

Have a wonderful lead up to Thanksgiving!


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