Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blingy Background

There's a reason stitch guides usually tell you to start in on the background at the beginning!  Because it usually takes the longest and once you get the pattern down it can get a little boring.  But...I'm almost done!  No, I did not like laying 2 threads (one of which is accentuate) in a diagonal pattern and no I did not like working with crystal braid (until I used a larger needle) but look at the effect.  Perfect!

I just need to finish that sky and lay in a few snowflakes and off it goes.  I'm considering revisiting Kelly Clark's Elegant Thanksgiving.  It's the same era as this canvas (2011) but still one of the most challenging pieces in my arsenal of unfinished projects.  Hope I'm up to it :-)

Have a great week,


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