Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just Can't Get Off My Soapbox

Hi there,

I went to a SEC school (Vandy) so you can imagine who I was routing for last night...Bama of course.  Although I did feel sorry for Clemson in the end.  But it was a great evening to needlepoint.

Here's Emily's reaction to the whole thing around half time.  Maybe she was dreaming about meeting the Georgia Bulldog in person :-)

Here's the skirt on witch #2.  I'm calling it my "Roll Tide" skirt cause that's what made it happen last night

And here's my soapbox photo.  We were watching the news tonight about the latest ISIS bombings and I said...I think we've been there!!!  So out came the photo album...no iPhone then

And so we were... in another life, another time... only 10 maybe 12 years ago. That baby there is turning 27 in a few weeks.   So carefree we were. (Not to mention, thin)

 Let's pray to solve this worldwide horror.

Tonight is SOU so more stitching on the Parade.



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