Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Three Day Attention Span

Hi there,

I'm currently working on TWO big pieces at once and have found that after 3 days of obsessing over one piece I absolutely have to switch.  We are about half way through the pumpkin parade with three witches left to go.  As I do each witch I try and correct any mistakes that I see around them...the yellow is my basting thread so I can work the sky.  It's coming out today :-)

And here's my other beauty...a totally different color palette

The birds are beaded - good thing I like beading!  And there's more yellow basting thread!

And since I am sick as a dog (who is at camp today, thank you Lord) here's a photo of her highness at the vet after she separated her shoulder last Monday...just waiting for the vet to pop it back in so she could go on her merry way.  Wish I could get sick and recover as fast.

Have a great week,


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