Monday, October 10, 2016

Old meets New

Hi there,

Our chapter is gathering old canvases for a stash sale and I came across this one which I decided not to give away, but to basketweave in hand.  My problem was...what thread???  It's 12 count which might have been popular back in the 80s when I bought it.  I want to keep it in basketweave so it will be used and loved by kids.  If not my own kids,  I plan to give it to a Ronald McDonald House.

I was in Chapel Hill and drove over to Raleigh to check out and look what they suggested- absolutely perfect.  It's wool, but you would never know it to work with it.  So smooth and great coverage.  This piece is faded but the Planet Earth Wool is bringing it back to life.

Wonder what ever happened to Deux Amis?  I  had quite a few of their canvases in my stash.

So happy :-)


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