Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Emily

Wow, now that's a pretty face!  Five years old today and still a handful!

I've been on vacation this month to see...

Yes folks this is a BIG Antarctic glacier

Gentoo Penguins and Chicks at Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Adelie Penguins

Glacier in Wilhelmina Bay

Gentoo Penguin and Chick
Naturally I took 4 projects with me to work on...which came home in almost the same unfinished condition!  So I am trying to finish them up before embarking on  something new.

I finished up the present last night so the bow is next.  Then the gold swirls and green beads.  This is number 3 of the Christmas Singles Club.  These are awesome little projects. AND I will be done with one Christmas ornament for 2017!

Back in the land of palm trees!


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