Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feeling Better About Things

Hi there,

I have started the long slog re-doing the Walnettos and rewarded myself with the little apple

 Of course I was watching tv when I started laying down the Kreinik and whoops! laid it right over the letters.  Then I forgot about compensating a cross stitch when you only have 3 sides so whoops! that had to come out too.  Guess I need a quiet room to stitch.

Right now I'm in here with the painter who is painting the ceiling over me - yet more distractions!  But I'm expecting my Spring Bunny from Ruth and boy he's having a hard time getting here. Just HAD to check the tracking.  First he was held up by snow up north and we woke up this morning to a fire in the main UPS warehouse in Hialeah where he's headed.  Poor guy - it's just one little 3 pound package! Of course I am relieved that no one was injured AND that my bunny is still somewhere just south of Baltimore.

Going to do a few more Walnettos now :-)


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