Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do This Not That

There's a very popular app out there called Eat This Not That.  I keep trying to follow it but candy is much more enticing than carrot sticks. Get it...both sweet...only one healthy.  (Although, I have moved from Pringles to Veggie Chips).

Last night I was happily doing elongated continental on the "town in the background" on my creche scene when I decided that the steps under the door didn't look quite right.  That's when I consulted the stitch guide....

Now, I had already read the stitch guide twice and written down all the colors on a post it note, but obviously that doesn't seem to be enough for me.  You see Amy has this nice little diagram of the town which I had followed at first and then ignored.  That is NOT a good idea.  If you're going to have the sweet stitch guide you had better look at it!

This is a project that needs constant referral to the stitch guide so you don't have to rip out.  Which is what I just finished doing!

Don't the steps look better!


1 comment:

  1. amazing things happen when one reads the stitch guide. Then the problem becomes following what you read.