Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So did you think this pattern was complicated?

Creche background

Try this one....

Landing Pattern

I have been doing my homework in my two favorite subjects - putting in a LOT of hours and am actually happy with my progress. 

 I have completed enough of the creche background to put in the basting stitches so that the windows line up with the sky.  Even though Amy did the stitch guide I still believe like Ronald Reagan - "trust but verify".   So I counted from the sky down to the top window (and across).  One complete diamond is 21 intersection with one intersection in between.  The thread will cross over the empty intersection.  And you just keep going!

With the helicopter, it's ease your way down that red line to the ground and as Ron my teacher says 
"think it down".. Talk about trust.  If you pull too much collective too close to the ground you get those swirly wind vortices and THAT is not good.  Tomorrow up in the air!

Keep looking up!


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  1. LOVE the background. Bring to ANG meeting so we can see it up close and personal.