Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raining Squirrels

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we had a tree trimming party in the back yard.  (The kind you do in the summer before hurricane season).  And what came raining down?  Squirrel babies!!!  At the end of the day they were returned to the tree from whence they fell and you would not have believed how fast the mother came out and grabbed them!  So much for adding to my menagerie - WOW they were cute.  I would have photos but it all happened so fast!!!

My friend Mary has suggested that I post a list of my finished projects so I don't get discouraged by
THE LIST.  It does actually make me feel better.  I am working on the 4 Roo Bear canvases right now, but with the Christmas deadline approaching (it seems earlier every year) I need to finish Caroline's ornament first.

Caroline's 2011 ornament

I wonder what would happen if Congress was as worried about the debt ceiling deadline and I am about the Christmas finishing deadline?  Yes... they would drop everything else and GET TO IT!

Keep looking up,



  1. Ahh, yes squirrels. One recently got caught in our garage overnight and cupboards were left open, items strewn around, even the the cylindrical mechanism on the storm door was dislodged! Good thing they're cute otherwise.... LOL!
    Hope you get back to stitching your Mystery Cat, it's an impressive project finished! Keep stitching away and ticking off those projects on your list, we'll be here to cheer you on!

  2. Yes the cat is wonderful - I too have a the "live" one at home! And you notice it's at the top of the list to be finished! Must mean something...