Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Simple Life

Do you remember the days before stretcher bars, magnets, fancy tools and project bags?  I think I do...I'm not really sure...

I started needlepointing as a teenager and my first piece was one of those where the center was already worked and all I did was continental stitch (IN WOOL) the background!

I have found a project which brings back those days when you sat and held your needlepoint in your hands.  There was the simple pleasure of stitching in your lap.  Yes, I used the "sewing" technique of needlepointing and parked my needle in the margin of my work and it didn't rust because I only had ONE project.  Wow, that was a long time ago.

This is a Pischke Pocket which is on 10 mesh so even if you don't feel well or you want to watch TV in a room without perfect lighting you can still stitch and get that old feeling back.  And yes you use Anchor Tapestry wool so it is all about the experience.  You can see where I started in the upper right corner last night.  The needlepoint will be attached to the bag as a pocket and it will make a great tote.

Oh, and did I point stitch guides, plying, or laying tools are used in this process!!!

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