Friday, September 28, 2012

Love Me Do

Mod Heart Mystery Class

Today is all about expanding your horizons!  As a quilter, I have done trapunto but I never thought it would work on canvas!  Way too tight - NOT.  And easier than it looks!  Baste, backstitch and stuff!

Pin and Baste ...I stuck the pins in instead of really pinning them.  Then I basted the edges

Backstitch so it's tight

Then slit and stuff...careful don't cut the needlepoint stitching!

Then whipstitch it closed ( aren't you glad I don't do cosmetic surgery).  Take out the basting stitches and trim around the heart!  Finished!!

Here's the topside view - all that has to be done is outline the heart with the gold braid to hide the backstitches and give it a finished look

And that is stepping outside the box!

Have a Happy Weekend



  1. WOW! I would have never thought of this idea, looks great. After basting the fabric in place, did you backstitch from the front or the back? It seems it would be difficult to know you were in the correct spot if backstitching from the back side. Cindy

  2. Hi Linda,

    What a wonderful and clever technique. I was wondering how Ruth got the heart to puff. Fabulous piece and stitching.

  3. I backstitched on the front of the canvas just on the outside edge of the heart. Those stitches were then covered with the gold cording.

  4. wonderful, thanks for the visuals. That is exactly what I needed. I am ready to tackle that last technique!

    1. You're welcome. I have to admit I wasn't sure how it would work, but it did! Mine was distorted when I took off the stretcher bars so hopefully the finisher can fix that.