Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Little Gingham Dress

Hi everyone,

I am once again working on three things at a time - can't seem to get away from that.  This month it is  the last lesson on the Mod Heart, a new Christmas Cracker and The Stitching Club.

The Stitching Club is a Melissa Shirley canvas with 5 girls on it.  We will have one class a month for each girl.  Saturday we started with the girl on the far right of the canvas and learned diagonal plaid.  That's one step harder than regular plaid (naturally).

Here's the first pass.  You pick a pattern - here it is 2-2-1 and stitch it over and over in diagonal lines.

Then you start back the other way.  See how it starts to make a plaid?

And here is the finished jumper.

THEN so I won't get bored...

One more lesson on the heart!

And the Christmas Cracker!  Love the couched ribbon on the border!!  I hope to finish this today and then I will only be working on 2 things!  I think I need a needlepoint Lazy Susan...

I am stitching as fast as I can!


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