Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Devil's in the Details

Hi everyone,

I've actually been doing quite a lot of stitching on various projects, just not blogging.  My friend Frances and I are the program chairs of our ANG chapter here in Miami and our chapter chose to do the ornament quartet from the Chapter Project Book.  If you are an ANG member be sure to utilize this source for programs.  Our chapter has needlepointers, cross stitchers and embroiderers so this is a good way to introduce the beginners to needlepoint.  The first project is this deceptively simple bargello snowflake.  Of course Frances finished all FOUR ornaments before I finished the first one!  I say deceptively simple because I was one thread off on the border and it wasn't apparent until I got to the other side and I had to rip it out.  So sticking to the count is the key in bargello!  The edge is finished in the "nun" stitch and although I SEARCHED for a reason for the name I couldn't find one.  Unless you need the patience of a nun to execute the stitch.  I left it unfinished so I can demonstrate it at the next meeting.

I've also been working on the stitching club which has a lot (A LOT) of moving parts!

Here's the purse of the first girl...

One of the advantages of taking a class is that someone will always come up with a great idea to make the project better.  Linda came up with the memory thread for the heart!  Sweet!!

And here are two ways to do hair...

Two strands of impressions twisted tight

and vertical bullions

Enjoy your stitching!


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