Saturday, May 11, 2013

Boston Strong

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been away so long....

Here is our third ANG ornament demonstrating the "diaper pattern".  I have tried to do each one in a different color theme and I chose green and gold on white canvas for no other reason than I didn't have any St. Patrick's Day decorations.  Then came the Boston Marathon bombing and I thought how appropriate to name it Boston Strong.

With the deadlines for finishing coming ever earlier each year one needs to look far far ahead and stitch out of the season so to speak.  Sort of like buying bathing suits in January :)

I have two more St. Patrick's day decorations.  This one is from the Happy Heart series - there are 12 hearts, one for each month and some of my friends had them made into a calendar/bulletin board with all 12 hearts, but I'm opting for individual ornaments.

And the best for last, my March angel

with her pot of gold

check out the cool fringe - each one tied separately

I'm on to working on May flowers so off these go to the finisher!

See you soon,


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