Monday, May 27, 2013

May Flowers

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day, in addition to being a day to honor those who gave their lives in defense of our country, is the official start of summer.  If you live in Florida, summer started long long ago!  Here is a photo of my latest flower canvas - sweet!  Those bullions were a challenge towards the end.  You need a lot of patience and preferably a padded room when pulling the thread through the needle.  And I do recommend a bullion needle for the long ones.

June first is the start of hurricane season so we will be "watching the tropics" as they say from now until November first.  There is always a long list of items we have to have - why are there no needlepoint supplies on the Channel 7 list :)

Emily and I have been doing our gardening....

Look what we found

It's a harmless scarlet snake, not a coral snake as I first feared.  There is a poem we learned in elementary school...Red touches yellow, dangerous fellow.   Red touches black, friend to Jack.  Do you think I remembered that as I was screaming "DROP IT" in the backyard?  No, I came in the kitchen and immediately googled it!

Emily and I have lost one of our 9 lives over this baby.  And not to be outdone by Vickie's cat photos, here is Emily in her element...she went swimming right after this...

Yes, I have an active puppy :)

Have a great day with the BBQ!


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