Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Christmas in June

King No.1 (3)

Christmas in June can mean many things.  In Miami believe me it is NOT the temperature outside.

Last night around 12:15 we got an early Christmas present when the Miami Heat won Game 6.  Now you might say...they haven't won the Championship....but  it was do or die last night and they came through.  This little bear is from the dark ages when there was only ONE king in Miami, Dwayne Wade.  When he won his first Championship they temporarily changed the name of Dade County to Wade County.  He even lived in our neighborhood then (he was a rookie) and now of course he lives like a king along with LeBron James and Chris Bosh somewhere probably close to South Beach.

The other meaning to Christmas in June is finishing up your 2013 Christmas projects so they can get to the finisher.  It's a pain, but also an indication of how popular our art form has become that there is a waiting line for finishing.

Here is another piece of my mother's Gingerbread Village - the gingerbread lady with purse.

And here are some closeups... the star tassel.  I am always looking for great star patterns

...and the hat.  Another learning experience here.  The white fringe is doubled fuzzy stuff satin stitched and then stitched AGAIN!  It really does fluff up much better than putting in twice as much thread in the needle and doing it once.

For those of you thinking that I am getting all this stitching done while watching basketball you have NOT watched the Heat.  I am either standing up or jumping up and down or I have a blanket over my head because I can't bear to watch.  On to game 7!!!!!

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