Saturday, June 22, 2013

Forever Fred

 Here's the original ....waiting to move...doesn't look too happy here

And here is the finished canvas!   He looks like he's arrived at his new home in his box!  I used almost every brightly colored bead in my arsenal!  Thank you Susan Portra for your guidance!

Next up is the 4th ornament ....the Walneto stitch which I have stitched once wrong and once right....

This is the LAST program for Frances and me to teach at our ANG chapter meeting in July.  I will leave in the one on the right and try try try to figure out how I did the correct one on the left.  It's not just following the's the manipulation of the needle AND following the graph that makes it work. Maybe that's why there were 4 out of 5 needles (in difficulty) on the top of the stitch guide :)

Have a great weekend,


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  1. I did that on a correspondence course piece. Looked at the directions, put it in once right, once wrong. Took out the right one, made them all wrong. So the teacher gave me kudos for being consistent!!!