Friday, August 16, 2013

So You Think It's So Easy?

Hi there,

I am once again trying to perfect my basketweave!  There is more to it than you think!  First you have to realize what direction you are going in with relation to the weave of the canvas.  Here's the weave.  Notice that the threads of the canvas are either on top or underneath each other.  Also here is an upside down star - an error by the painter...Couldn't figure that out for a while.

When you stitch UP the canvas diagonal you cover the horizontal thread on top and when you go DOWN you are covering the vertical.

But you're not done.  Just as important is tying off the thread mid-line.  If this is done incorrectly you will end up with little pinpoints of light showing through.  And they are noticeable!

Here is how to end a horizontal thread...end the thread on top of the canvas directly to the left of the last stitch.

And here is how to end the stitch going down...once again on top of the canvas but now going straight down from your last stitch.

And I think I've found the perfect white

Have a great weekend and happy stitching,


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