Monday, August 26, 2013

Working Weekend

Hi there,

I am trying to wrap up the projects that I really want to get finished by THIS Christmas.  Once I get past the finishing deadline I sort of relax because it's pretty much out of my hands by then.  So October is a relaxed stitching month for me if you follow that convoluted logic.

This is what came out of my bag this weekend and got done.

The wreath cracker - 2 more after this!

Then my Whimsey and Grace star that I practiced my basketweave on.  It's hard to see white on white

I want to have it finished like another star I did a long time ago.  I know it was long long ago because this is 24 count

Here's the side view - I like the gusset

and then I finished the little French Hen.  Holding on to these so they will be finished together :)

This coming week 3 more easy ones in the lineup.

Happy Stitching,


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