Friday, September 27, 2013

Why I Love October

Here she is all finished!  Now lest you think I am a fast stitcher, I must confess that this canvas dates to 2007 when I first went to Aristeia while on a college trip with my youngest daughter.  I think I have worked on this canvas at least 5 different times.  Who knew I only had a week's worth of work left!

Here are some details

The shoes...I couldn't find the right beads so I just took some fyre werks and did french knots.

the was Susan Portra's idea to put the green beads on the fringe

the tassel

and one more closeup

I also re-started working on my Halloween candies- have 3 left after this one

check out the crystals

and I turned in my last golden cracker for finishing!

Now why do I love October?

1.  It starts getting cooler! and when it finally does we have 6 months of beautiful weather

2.  I love Halloween - little kids all dressed up, candy, candy, and more candy

3.  There is no stress to this holiday - EVERYONE has a great time!

4.  Last but not least I spend the WHOLE month stitching with my favorite colors!

Have a great weekend,


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Change of Season, Change of Palette

Hi everyone,

This weekend is the beginning of fall.  Down here if there is a slight decrease in the humidity, we call it fall and sure enough it is starting to happen.  At the hardware store they are already selling Christmas lights so I guess I missed out on the Halloween display.  But, we are all in the mood for a change of color palette.  Back to orange, black, purple and lime green!

I'm back to working on my Halloween candies

I'd like to do 2 more this year and finish up the Cat Lady, which has been years (!) on the drawing board.  Susan Portra helped with the tassel

and here's the black cat herself :)

That's quite a talented witch who can walk a cat on a leash!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Make Your Husband Jealous

Hi everyone,

Wow, that got your attention, didn't it!  We have been married forever! and have always been competitive and worked under the "point system".  You get "points" for going the extra mile and outdoing the other person (ok we are both MBAs).  Neither one of us has a clue what we are going to do with all of our accumulated "points" but we are still at it.

This afternoon, FRED arrived on my doorstep! And what do I hear from the home office?  OMG you are out to get SOME POINTS!

So here are my points

and here is the back where I get extra points from Evan (the boyfriend) - the father of Fred

A big shout out to Susan Porta for the stitch guide and to Ruth for the finishing.  I know it looks a little tame for Ruth, but it is perfect for the kids!!

And my husband is now trying to outdo me!

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Christmas Finishes

Hi everyone,

Do you know what today is?  It's the first day of football season and as of right now (and until 4pm) ...ALL the teams are equal!  Can you guess that I'm a Miami Dolphins fan?  Always be positive and upbeat!  I grew up with the '72 Dolphins which unless you live under a boulder are still the only unbeaten team EVER.  We got used to that and as my husband says...those were the GLORY YEARS and they're not coming back :(

We even quote Don Shula aka "Coach" every day when we leave the house  "Let's get the job done!"

Ok, back to stitching.  I have finished up a few tiny projects in the past two weeks so here goes

Melissa Shirley candy cane

Needle Deeva Gingerbread Heart..I have 2 more

I'm going to have them finished on sticks to go in a vase with my other candy canes


I finished the next to last Golden the plaid side panels

Here's a close up of the middle.  The big white pearls are stacked beading with a tiny gold bead on top. I took an extra pass with the beading thread through the beads to lock them down to the canvas as they were a little loose.

And as the saying goes....


Happy Stitching,