Monday, May 19, 2014

Playoff Stitching

Hi there,

There are all kinds of stitching projects - some require a lot of concentration and some not so much.  The background of Why Fit In almost requires a "cone of silence" in order to get the falling leaves to line up correctly.  I can barely listen to music with all the counting going on in my head!

Then...there's Miami Heat playoff stitching.  First off,  I have a hard time actually sitting down while I'm watching the game so there's no point in having a project where you have to consult a stitch guide.

So here's my playoff choice...4 calling birds from the Rebecca Woods mini 12 Days of Christmas.  I can do Nobuko standing up and with one eye on the tv!

Good thing they have the day off to rest and regroup!

Have a great week,


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