Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Halloween Candy Crush

Hi there,

I have all my Halloween finishing back and my office looks definitely like I have NOT been working!  One of the good things about having so many projects going at once is that you are more than likely to finish a lot at one time.  Or if you're like me store it up and send out a lot at one time.

So here's a candy crush sample of my Halloween projects.  I have finished 2 out of 3 apples

Here they are together

And here is a look at the back- LOVE the fabric on the back!

And my other cone - now I have a pair of Eye Candy cones!

Finally,  last night during the Miami Heat game I was able to sit down and finish my 4 calling birds, but the french knots on the wreath are a TAD BIT TIGHT...wonder why?  There really is such a thing as tension in your stitching!

Next time the rest of the Halloween stitching.... my cat pillow and 2 more candies!

Plus the firecrackers are BAACK!

Enjoy your long weekend,


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  1. The fantastic finishing really compliments your stitching!