Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Enough With the Background Already

Hi there,

I find it very hard to stay on task especially when I have something that looks like lots of fun right in front of me.  That would be the 4th Apple!

So I spent 2 days working on the background stripes and THANKING HEAVEN that I have finished the border.  TWICE!!  FYI, those little red beads in the red stripes are a pill to put in.

I did work one leaf just so I would know how..  Still have the backstitch to do.

And here is J - I am also thankful that July only has 4 letters!  Meaning, I may finish this in 2017!  Yes, I still have the pumpkin parade to finish 👻

So the new plan is to work the next apple and return to the background.  It's nice having 2 months to do your homework.

Happy Wednesday!

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