Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Almost Fall

Hi everyone,

I've got one more strawberry done.  Love little projects!

So now it's on to fall stitching before it's time to work on Christmas stitching.  Notice I'm completely bypassing Thanksgiving this year EVEN THOUGH I STILL HAVE ALL 5 ELEGANT THANKSGIVING PIECES TO DO!!  This is a group project with my friends so it's more fun than working alone.  We all get to help each other.  And it's pretty small which is a plus.

I'm hoping one of my friends has the red-orange beads for this little guy's eyes.  Even I don't want to buy a tube of beads for 3 beads.

Once I get this under control I need to get back to the Gingerbread House.  Not sure what happened with my plan to do 2 sections a week???

And I signed up to do the companion piece to that house in February!  OMG

Have a great Wednesday


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