Friday, April 8, 2011

Ceremonial First Stitch

Background Centered

I have taken the first stitches on the Creche background - which for me is the easy part - it's taking the last stitch that is tough!..
 I put the canvas on Evertites which for a canvas this size is a must!!  I used bars that exactly fit the canvas rather than trimming the canvas to fit the smaller ones I already had.  That way I have extra turning room for my needle- which will pay in the long run.

I measured the center of the canvas with a measuring tape rather than counting (and then of course I counted to make sure my math was right).

Upside down creche

Once I had the design started I flipped the whole thing over and was good to go.  Amy has refined the stitching path with the creche so it is even easier to stitch and not get lost in the pattern.

I have decided not to paint over the window of the creche, because when I looked out my window the other night at the house next door all I saw was black night- not the building.  So I am saving myself that step!

The helicopter is in the shop getting a new clock so I have time off to do my taxes and the background!



  1. Hi Linda.

    Just found your blog. LOVE it. Did you read the blog post on NSH about how Becky colored and conquered the stitch? The link is here:

    Thanks, Robin

  2. Yes I did see that and have highlighted the outside square in yellow. The highlight and Amy's "stitch path" guide are a huge help! I've only been lost once!