Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morning Joe

I love Morning Joe on MSNBC.  I love to listen to Joe, Mika, Willie and the gang talk politics.  I really do not think that they believe that "The Donald" is a serious candidate for President - do you?

Every day they close the show with "What have we learned today?".  So I am going to do my version of that for yesterday.  Yesterday I went down to Ocean Reef to meet the stitching group and this is what I learned:

Sally and Margie making cording

1.  Our helicopter has a very young fan (the only fan) who has named him (it)  Harold.

2.  When you live on an island - even a beautiful one like Key Largo, you need to be resourceful.  No running to the store every time you need thread (or cording).  MAKE YOUR OWN!

3.  It's good to have friends who stop stitching to help you.

Keep looking up!



  1. How is Ron doing? Give us an up-date. We heard he retired from American Airlines as a 767 captain to spend more time teaching you how to land the helicopter!

  2. We are fine! Working on our quick stops which closely resembles flipping the helicopter backwards and upside down! If we crash I will save the helicopter pillow! Photos of Ron next week