Friday, June 10, 2011

Creche update

Hi everyone,

I have almost finished the little lamb in the manger scene.  His fur is two kinds of knots which add depth and are done in Vineyard Silk Merino Wool which is wonderful to work with - perfect on 18.  I am leaving his ears for last so I don't mess them up along the way.  Once I finish the donkey I can complete the grass inside the stable.

In one of my very first blogs I referred to LeBron James' meeting and exceeding expectations, something  he has clearly done up until the past week.  I am afraid that the pressure may be getting to him as the Championship slips away from the Heat.  I feel sorry for him (as sorry as you can feel for a 26 year old with $100 million dollars) and even though he is a big guy he is being swallowed up in the moment.  His coach and his friend Dwayne Wade are the only people who can help him out of this now.

Why do I feel this way?  Because in the past week as we reach the half way point in the year I have been erasing half of my "to be finished in 2011" list of needlepoint projects.  I had WAY too high expectations for my needlepoint this year and am drastically becoming more realistic.  Just because a canvas is 13x17 doesn't mean it will be finished fast.  So I am resetting my list and priorities!

I have moved the creche into it's own space where it can sit on a table and be worked on for a little bit each day.  Sort of like the old jigsaw puzzle tables.   It's a lot easier than putting it away and taking it out each day.  My new plan is to work on the creche as my big project and surround it with all the ongoing little ones.  Hopefully that will work!

On to the donkey! GO HEAT!!


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  1. Love the gingerbread house. I also leave projects out where they can call to me. I decided to leave all of them out so they could scream in unison. Trust me, that doesn't work. Good luck with your new system. My next plan is to "will" myself to work on a project EVERYDAY - kinda of like staying on a diet. Hope I have better luck.