Friday, June 3, 2011

White Hot Stitching

I have been waiting to finish a nice BIG section of the creche before  blogging but life and the Miami Heat have gotten in the way.  I am currently living on an average of 7 hours of sleep (when I need 8) because the Heat have been sucking up every ounce of energy in Miami.  And last night they did NOT use that energy wisely :-(

So... I thought I would post a photo of my Gingerbread House which I just got back from The Needle House in Houston which looks good enough to eat!

One good thing about having the Miami Heat in the playoffs is that the tv stations have postponed (or eliminated) our annual run-up to Hurricane Season which started on Wednesday.  No one seems to care about that right now.  We have plenty of time to make those survival lists!

And now on to watching Amy do detached needleweaving!

Stay cool,  Linda

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