Sunday, August 21, 2011

Black Cats and Black Dogs


Apparently there are a lot of cat lovers out there who needlepoint.  I am one too - I have 5.  Three of them are black.  They manage to show up and never leave!  Must be the farm life here (we used to have horses).

This blog entry today is dedicated to Duchess our black lab who died suddenly yesterday at the tender age of 15.  Like all obituaries this photo is from 2006  :)

She was a great companion and will be missed.



  1. This is terrible, Linda. I know you'll miss Duchess a great deal. Dogs who share their lives with us are a gift.

  2. Linda, I am so sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your Duchess. I grieve with you and rejoice in her wonderful memories. So sorry. Robin

  3. Thanks. It will be a big adjustment for me as she was the last of the three dogs we had when my girls were growing up. She was my baby.

  4. Hey Linda.... Sorry About Duchess... I know how much you loved her..
    She was a good dog.. When 1 door closes another 1 opens...
    Nothing wan replace Duchess in your heart, but Tk God, Barry came into your life... He knew he had found a great home when he found you... Animals have a sixth sense & he knew you needed him also.
    Love always,