Friday, August 26, 2011

Royal Palm Chapter Community Outreach Project

Hope and Cure Breast Cancer Canvas

And now, back to stitching...

This is a photo of our first Community Outreach project.  It is a breast cancer canvas designed by our Vice President,  Becky Powell and stitched by 17 of our chapter members.  Check out the detached needleweaving on hope!  Thank you Becky!!  We donated the framed canvas to the Cancer Center at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami last year and have stitched another identical one to donate to another center.

We had such a great response from our membership that we decided to take on another project and thankfully Becky agreed to design the stitch guide.

Breast Cancer Awareness Semipostal Stamp
This project is a canvas depicting the breast cancer stamp that was issued in 1998 and is still in existence today. (I checked with The Postal Store online).   It is priced 11 cents higher than the first class rate and the difference is collected by the Post Office and donated to the National Institute of Health for breast cancer research.  To date it has raised over $73 million dollars.  Honestly, until our chapter President bought the canvas and offered it to our chapter as a joint stitching project I did not know about the stamp.

What a wonderful way to contribute to this cause that affects all of us.

Lastly, if you have never been through a hurricane and you are in the path of Irene please take every precaution.    Remember most accidents take place after the storm.  Now I sound like a Public Service Announcement.  Be safe!  Not sorry!  And stitch through a few advisories - it helps!



  1. Hello Linda,
    I was wondering if perhaps Ms. Powell would consider selling a canvas of her Hope design with the stitch guide. I would love to purchase it to stitch for my Mama Byrd who first taught me to stitch many years ago and who also became a survivor last year after a long battle with this evil cancer.
    Thanks for asking her if you don't mind!

  2. I will definitely let her know. LIdna