Monday, August 15, 2011

It's All About Me For Now

I have now officially finished my 2011 "HAS to be stitched" list and can take one of those deep yoga breaths.  You know the kind where you close your eyes and hum?

I know I still have plenty of unfinished projects and my Halloween Candies from Ruth will be coming any day, but the real pressure is off.  I have wanted to stitch this little needle case ever since I saw it at the Whimsy and Grace trunk show at Absolutely Needlepoint so I AM GOING TO GIVE IT A WHIRL!

It has a matching scissor case, but lets not push things.  Before you know it we will be having to choose our UFO for ANG and the guilt will start again!

BTW, I hate acronyms and all those people who throw them around while I stand there clueless and nodding my head....but now that I am flying I have a NOTEBOOK full of them.  How about VASI lights?  Now, I thought that was an actual word at first but it stands for Visual Approach Slope Indicator and if I had been in a plane on Sunday it would have been double RED!  I was trying to land on my own and was apparently coming in too fast and too low so had to be rescued by my husband who put us nicely on the ground.  Back to lessons on Wednesday!



  1. Hi Linda..... Love your blog!!! Congratulations on finishing all your Xmas ornaments.... the girls will be so happy....

  2. Linda,
    I stitch and fly, too! Glad to see I have another companion in yarn and glide slopes! Does your husband fly the helicopter and you are learning? I did the same with my husband's plane. Hard work but rewarding. Good luck with it!

    Keep on stitching....and flying!

  3. Thanks, Paula. Yes, we have a helicopter and spend a lot of time in it so it was natural for me to learn to fly it in an emergency. I used to needlepoint while my husband flew - now I fly and read charts and work the radio. Working on perfecting the landings - yesterday landed on the roof of a building! Linda

  4. Thanks, Frances. You need to start making Christmas ornaments for your group too!

  5. I am.... Just finished another train car.... It will be for all three kids, will stitch the engine & caboose 3 times....
    In AL.... Working on my HW bucket pumpkin ..
    Also, will start the HW hair ball monster next week.. :)