Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween in my Mailbox

Halloween Candies #1

Hi everyone,

It is definitely not cool outside, but Fall came early to my mailbox!  We are just back from the EGA Seminar in Naples and while I was tempted... I was able to resist most of what was put in front of me.  Now I am back home and a NEW CLUB has started!  I am going to love these Halloween candies from Bedecked and Beadazzled...yes I am!

 I am going to come clean about my "Club involvement" right now and maybe add a new column in my blog.  We travel a lot and it is so nice to have a project with stitch guide and threads ready to go all the time.  I have Halloween clubs, Christmas clubs, Flower clubs, Heart clubs and Village clubs.  Sometimes when we are tired of stitching, we sit around and count our clubs and how many canvases we have left.  OOH that is not such a good idea.  But we are still signing up and cranking them out!

Do you think the designers have caught on that we like clubs? and series?

I think so!



  1. You're gonna love this club/series. Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. I just signed up for this club after seeing it here on your blog! It will be my first club. I am fairly new to needlepoint. Can you tell me the size of the canvas? I want to make sure I have the correct size stretcher bars. Thanks.

  3. Danielle, This will be a good series to start with. They are small enough so that you will be able to keep up and Ruth writes a great stitch guide. I used 8x8 stretcher bars.

  4. Thanks Robin. This should be a fairly easy one! I need an easy club since I am still working on the creche. It's nice to take a mental needlepoint break once in a while.

  5. U go girl!!!! can't wait to see them finished...... so cute!!